Thursday, July 18, 2013

Library Bench and Bookshelf

Hi all! My name is Kelly and I am a second year teacher embarking on a new journey of teaching second grade! I recently finished my very first year of teaching first grade. I couldn't tell you how happy I was to find a teaching job in a grade in which I had fallen in love with. I tutored first graders for four year in my undergrad program within the same classroom. I had the best opportunity of student teaching with the teacher who I learned so much from. Though, I found out fast throughout my first year of teaching things go a little differently with just a single adult in the room. Students do not have another person to go to to ask questions, deal with little problems that arise as the other carries on the lesson, etc.  A LOT was learned my first year! This blog will be a place to share my new creations of classroom organization (I absolutely LOVE DIY projects thanks to HGTV and Pinterest), classroom management, and teaching ideas for all to use! I hope you will be able to find my blog helpful to incorporate some ideas you find here in your classroom! :)

First things first, last summer I had a summer project including a reading bench for my classroom library and this summer wasn't any different.

Library reading bench created last summer. The bookshelf is from Ikea and I reused my memory foam from my twin bed from college to make the cushion. I simply folded the memory foam once to make the cushion. You may need to trim the foam to make it fit. My sweet, sweet mother sewed the cover for the bench. I found the cupcake fabric at Walmart. This fabric became the inspiration for my classroom last year and by the end of the year all the students were saying, "Miss Dorsey, you must reallllyy like cupcakes! You have them everywhere!" And I did. But to be honest, I wasn't much of a fan of cupcakes until this print. Imagine that! 

 As I learned from my father, you can find ANYTHING on craigslist! :) As I was searching for a kidney table I stumbled upon a fabulous lady who was selling these AWESOME bookshelves that would be perfect for my new classroom! So with my HGTV goggles of seeing what this lovely piece of furniture could be, I got, I mean my father got acquainted with his sander and paint....I helped too :). 

The bookshelf before....

Voila!! The improved bookshelf! A colorful addition to my new classroom! :) The color of paint used for the top and backing of the bookshelf was called Limolicious from Lowe's. It is under the Valspar brand! I fell in love right away when I saw the paint chip in the store. :)

Yea, my dad retired from the painting task and let me take over for the second coat :) 

I think I went to four different Target stores to find those wonderful book bins across the top... They were only $3 and hold up better than the paper bins for a dollar. Parent gift cards to Target were a big help with this purchase. 

Other book bins were found at the wonderful Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby store. :) Thanks for stopping by!  

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