Thursday, August 8, 2013

Classroom Pics and Student Planner

It has been a longggggg week! I finished up a graduate class and lived in my classroom all day today. Decorating my classroom is a stress reliever.... or at least to me anyway! :)

I wanted to show you the latest on how my classroom is shaping up and what I created for my students using the CAFE menu freebie I have in my earlier post.

First, here is a picture of my CAFE board with my Math Menu and Writing Goals on each side. It's sagging in the middle because this is actually a peg board not a bulletin board. :( The humidity in my classroom works against my decorations...

Next, is a picture of my classroom rules, jobs, and agenda. This is actually apart of my whiteboard, which I covered with a plastic table cloth from Walmart added a border and made it into a "bulletin board." I just got the self adhesive pockets for my classroom job labels, which I was SUPER excited about! I hated my classroom job list last year and felt like I needed more to keep the kids busy this year. :) 
I have a line leader, caboose, calendar captain, electrician, paper passer, librarian, lunch carrier, recess helper, table captain, station manager, pencil patrol, supply manager, folder monitor, messenger, chair monitor, clean up crew and last but not least... backpack patrol! I needed that one more last year than this year considering I had cubbies. This year I have lockers, but you never know how well the kids will get that backpack into that beloved small space. :) 

This next photo is actually apart of my whiteboard as well. I just used decorative tape from Target to create the same layout in Cara Carroll's Calendar Companion packet. This is the number of the day sheet and I will have my Calendar Captain fill it out in front of the class while the class completes their own in their math notebook. 

These are random pictures of what is on the walls of my classroom... colors, numbers (touch math- something new I'm trying this year), money and shapes.  

Touch math posters can be found here
Color posters were found at Walmart last year

The alphabet letters came from the Phonics Dance Curriculum by Ginny Dowd who I LOVE!! Teaching phonics is engaging and full of singing and dancing with her program. I would recommend it to anyone. 

Money posters can be found here
Money poem can be found here
Shape posters can be found here

This is the project that took me a while to make today at school. This is hopefully the most useful student planner EVER! :) I purchased That's So Second Grade's editable Student Planner Pack from TPT and Cupcake for the Teacher's Behavior calendars as well, added my own CAFE menu and reading log, added half of a file folder to make a back and Voila! A student planner was born! 

I took my personal laminator from home with me to school today because it provides a more sturdy cover than the one in the workroom. Then, I added a binding comb. 

This is my behavior chart I use in my classroom that is located directly on the back of the front cover. It opens to the behavior calendars.

Sweet As Can Be
Super-Duper Sweet
Smilin' Day
Ready to Learn
Think About It
Teacher's Choice
Parent Contact

After the behavior calendars there is a section for nightly reading. This is where I placed my CAFE Menu and Reading Log Goals Sheet. I made about 10 copies of the reading log for the year for each planner. 


My last section in the planner is for weekly homework. Every Friday, my students receive a packet of math homework to complete by the following Friday. Parents must initial the space provided to signify that "yes, my child completed this homework" and can write comments to me about the assignment whether their child had difficulty completing the activities or not. 

I provide my homework policy on the front of the section to make my expectations clear to both the student and parent. 

I also add important dates at the bottom to help remind parents of what is coming up in the month. 


I hope you have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by! :) 

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